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I smile all the time and love the results.

— Amanda

I’ve trusted the Simpson’s for 60 years

— Bob

Grannie Susan, Paw Paw Larry, Great-granddaugher Jayden, granddaughters Haily and Taylor are thrilled to come to the Smile Center to have their teeth cared for. We never dread coming to an appointment.

— Larry

The Smile Center is a great place to come to. Dr. Guest is easy to relate to and is always interested in you as well as your dental needs. His assistant Cindy is excellent.

All my old fillings (silver) were eroding and leaking. They were replaced with composite (tooth colored) fillings that look and feel great. Thanks Dr. G.

After an appointment with Terry or Alisha, your teeth feel and are so clean. Makes you wish for monthly hygiene instead of every 6 months. Thank you Smile Center.

— Barbara

Even if I lived in another state, I would still come to Dr. Guest. I would not trust another dentist and I’ve been to dentists all over.

I’ve had the best dentistry here, same and stable. The team work is excellent. They put you at ease. I love the decorations. It’s always clean; I never feel any pain and can’t wait to go to the dentist.

Terry has a light touch and is caring, talented and skillful.

— Vicky

I got the best dentures and partial I’ve ever had in my life and I’ve had a few others from other places. Dr. Guest was terrific. He goes above and beyond making sure everything fits right. Dr. Guest was so gentle; I went to sleep in the chair while he was working on me.

My teeth fit perfectly. I love my teeth; they are beautiful. Every morning I put on a smile so I can see my teeth.

I really like all the people in the office, they are nice and friendly.

— John

The Smile Center has seen our family from the 1st dental check-up through braces. The entire staff has a friendly, gentle manner so the kids never mind going to the dentist. And with 3 kids having braces, they have always found an affordable plan for us. Without reservation, I give the highest recommendation to the Smile Center.

Thank you for caring for our family.

— Robert & Jodi

On my very first visit I learned for myself why Dr. Stephen Guest and his staff were so highly recommended.

After examination and x-rays, he thoroughly explained to me and my family, my problem of extremely thin bone, the options that I had and his recommendation of implants. I was very impressed with the amount of time that he took to educate me in the matter. I am extremely happy with the results, for I can once again thoroughly chew my food.

— Wanda

Came by to show all, my “smile” that you have given me.

— Robert

Going to the dentist was always a very stressful appointment for me. Then I found The Smile Center! The staff at The Smile Center is just a wonderful team of people, from the receptionist calling to remind me of my appointments to the pleasant hygienist that keeps me on my toes for brushing and flossing my teeth. They are punctual with their appointment times, the billing staff provides any estimates you may need.

Dr. Guest has had to do some dental work in my mouth ranging from removing decay to placing a crown on a tooth. He is so patient and informative. He always explains the options and I can add that he has never let me feel the least bit of discomfort while doing “dentistry”. His chair side assistant is one of the friendliest ladies you ever want to be at your side during a time that you are wishing you had brushed just a little bit longer and flossed a little more often.

We all know that preventive dental practices are a must in keeping our teeth, but if you are in need of a wonderful dental staff, give The Smile Center team a call. If you currently “dread” your dental visit, stop feeling that way and call The Smile Center. They really can make you not mind going to the dentist again. That is a great feeling indeed!

I appreciate each and every member of this team.

— Juli

I had a root canal done as a teenager with a previous dentist that did not get finished and I had no idea. I walked around like that with a temporary crown for 17 years and I started having a bad taste in my mouth so I came to Dr. John to check it out. He explained everything to me in detail in a way that I could understand and fixed it. He now does all my work. He is a wonderful and caring Doctor who takes the time to not just tell you what you need to have done but also why you need to have it done and when he is finished with the work he explains everything that he did. I love the whole team at The Smile Center!

— Linda

I have never had a greater experience with any dentists’ office than at The Smile Center. Each staff member is always smiling and eager to assist.

Aside from great personality, the dentists do incredible work. When I first came to Dr. Guest, I had several dental issues. Dr. Guest has gone above and beyond the scope of duty to ensure that my teeth were healthy.

He takes great pride in his work, while keeping the patient’s best interest in mind. Dr. Guest didn’t just “fix some teeth” for me. He completely changed my smile, which has given me a HUGE boost of confidence. I feel like a completely different person.

Dr. Guest truly cares about each patient. He is the only dentist I have ever met who is willing to personally call to check on his patients after they have extensive work done in his office.

I will forever be grateful for Dr. Guest and the rest of the staff at The Smile Center. They have truly changed my life.

— Mike

My family, which includes four boys, and I enjoy and love coming to The Smile Center. Terry praises when my kids brush well and have good checkups and is quick to notice any problems that need attention.

We all really love Dr. Guest who’s always friendly and caring. His assistant Cindy always puts everyone at ease.

The front desk staff is very patient and friendly with my boys who pester them with a thousand questions.

I would recommend The Smile Center to everyone.

— Angela

This dental office is awesome! They offer professional service with a caring attitude in a relaxed atmosphere – my kids like coming to the dentist now!

Thank you Smile Center.

— Heather

My son has been seeing Dr. Guest as an ortho patient for over a year. At the beginning he was extremely nervous. Very quickly Dr. Guest and Cindy were able to put him at ease and make him comfortable.

He looks forward to his visits and wants me to stay in the waiting room during his appointment.

As a mother, I feel Dr. Guest is doing a wonderful job with my son.

— Peyton’s mom

Dr. John Simpson and staff equals a great smile.

— Nancy

For the past 25 years I have had great dental experiences with Dr. John Simpson. His staff is friendly and dedicated to him. He consistently provides pain-free dentistry to me and my family. The level of care provided by Dr. John makes me feel as if he would do the same for his own family. Not only is the dentistry excellent but Dr. John is sincere and trustworthy.

— Terry

As a patient for Dr. John Simpson for 24 years, he has been very watchful, very professional and he puts you at ease.

He explains the procedure if there is a problem and fixes it - - or advises you what should be done. I am proud to be his patient.

— Georgia

Thank you to all for making my visit so pleasant!

— Peggy
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